Internet platforms democracy for economies

Think of small nodes of economic activity, local economies, that are connected to each other through lines of information and communication and resource sharing. Rather than a large controlling center with outward thrusts of power and control, in a democratized economy both risk and reward is spread out over interconnecting economies. Multiply these same communicating… Continue reading Internet platforms democracy for economies

AI-Impact for Insurers and Lawyers

Financial services quickly embraced new technology because its use in generating value was readily apparent to investors and customers. Gathering information in real-time and timing transactions based on the steady flow of information helps financial industry players and customers at same time. A big industry: AI for Insurers and Lawyers. Impact for Insurers The insurance… Continue reading AI-Impact for Insurers and Lawyers

Mobility and Event-Based Pricing

Pricing services is often arcane, taking into account many factors beyond simple supply and demand. As our world becomes more complicated and connected, it’s likely that mobility and event-based Pricing will increase and become more complicated. We’re already familiar with the basics of this. It costs more to ride a subway train during rush hour… Continue reading Mobility and Event-Based Pricing