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Top-notch Business Transformation

Our consulting approach combines financial and non-financial (ESG) data according to the latest regulations (CSRD, ESRS, EU-Taxonomy, SFDR, MiFID II and others) and creates a decisive advantage for your company and your clients. We analyse your company with innovative tools – to support effective problem-solving, decision-making and learning.

We offer:

  1. Non-Financial (ESG) Management
  2. Financial Management
  3. ESG-Reporting (CSRD, NFRD, GRI, ISSB, etc)
  4. Taxonomy-Support
  5. Strategy Support
  6. Company Evaluations (financial and ESG)
  7. Projectmanagement
  8. Processoptimization
  9. Digitization
  10. Change- and Fundingsupport
  11. ESG Impact Scoring

We’re experts for the following sectors:

Real estate
Professional services
(Lawyers, Tax consultants, Auditors)

We support corporate companies that know that change is needed to stay on top.

We’ve supported the following companies:

Raiffeisen Group, Erste Bank Group, Unicredit Bank Austria, Manner, International banks, SCWP, Flughafen Wien, Erber Group, Hairstyle Schaider, Johann Offner Group, Electricite de France, Schönherr, WIFI, BIG, International Consultancy Groups, etc

We know that first movers generate a higher rate of return with ESG.

Georg Tichy, Dr.