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Why Art is Inspiring to Businesses

Almost every aspect of life is connected to art and can be explained with a few artistic features. In most business scenarios, artistic features stimulate employees to be productive. Additionally, it serves businesses on different levels, especially in connecting the workforce and the clients. With a portrait or artistic features, you can invoke some thoughts to improve the business further. Also Ricardo Muti mentioned the importance of culture on society in his speech at the new year concert in Vienna (at 2hrs.09min). Let’s take a look at the impacts of artistic items at the workplace.

The Impact of Artistic Craft in the Workplace

Artistic work plays a vital role in influencing the general productivity at the office. Here are a few more impacts discussed in length.

Enhances the Company’s Image

There are a lot of things that can illustrate a company’s image. With the right artistic features, clients can clearly see your company’s taste, values, and relationship to the general community. In most cases, these artistic products come from the community, which can act as a relationship booster. If a reputable local artist did a certain portrait and you hang it in your office, it portrays acceptance in the community.

Additionally, the portraits on a company’s wall show how the organisation wants to be identified. Mostly, companies prefer to display their artwork in the reception room, waiting areas, and meeting areas. It could be portraits of influential persons in the company, animal prints, or group photographs. This makes clients comfortable in your space, but it also portrays the organization’s success.

It generally gives your workplace a nice surrounding. As a company owner, you must be very careful about the portraits or images to erect in your space as they could be sensitive to some people. While you may have a certain view of the portrait, another person could have a completely different view, hence creating a conflict of interest. Do not use overly violent artwork or openly sexual content.

Creates a Stimulating and Inspiring Surrounding for the Employees

It has been discovered that employees are prone to be more productive when they feel comfortable or at ease in an environment. They feel happier, and this reduces stress and discomfort. As such, an employee experiences almost zero sick leaves and get more committed in their work. Usually, employees in a company are a huge expense, especially when they are unhappy.

By using artwork, you can keep them happy, satisfied, and motivated, hence boosting results. With artistic portraits and images around, your employees can experience more productivity in a pleasant working environment. Additionally, having art in the workspace further illustrates the company’s integrity to its customers. It shows that the company holds its employees in high regard. Depending on the art displayed, your visitors learn your corporate identity, reputation, and what you stand for.

Brands a Company’s Culture and Products

Most marketers can tell you the distinct connection that exists between artwork and commerce. On most occasions, artistic projects are used to promote and advertise products and services. If a company wants to sell new shoes, they must incorporate some artwork to change the look and entice the general public. Not only does this breed customer retention, but it also attracts new customers. All this contributes to a better company image and culture.

Breeds Positive Vibes to the Workplace

One of the most difficult scenarios can be your clients walking into your reception and just staying quiet. Your artwork, just like the magazines on your coffee table, serves as a conversation starter. It is an effective bridge between people and ideas. Additionally, having artwork in your workplace environment enhances client and community relationships. This promotes networking opportunities for most people as they make friendships while in the facility or working environment. Most companies want to feature great corporate citizens. By purchasing and hanging the art in your workplace, you promote a sense of community. The artwork links with the local community and enhances general community relations.

Gives Your Office Vibrant Colours

What’s better than having an artistically provocative office space? Depending on the artwork you select, you can easily transform your workplace. All this contributes to increased productivity in the office. When choosing the artwork, you should find something that blends in well with the premise and agrees with the room’s style.

How to Support Artwork During Corona

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected most industries, and the arts field isn’t an exception. It has suffered a lot of losses, and it is only wise to support the industry. Here are a few ways that you can support and promote the industry.

Buy New Paintings and Support Artists

You can purchase a few paintings and support the new artists in their artistic quest as a company. You can find new artwork in galleries online and offline. Additionally, you can purchase original portraits or reproduced oil and canvas paintings from the vintage days. Some artists also have websites and online pages that you can directly purchase artwork from. Depending on the type of painting or arts and crafts used, you may be required to pay a little more. Some artistic products are more expensive than others.

Host Artwork Events in Your Company

As a company, you can organise an artwork event to celebrate the renowned artists in the community. You can set prizes for the winner and the runner-ups to motivate a huge turnout. During the event, you can select a few pieces and use them for advertisement purposes. It shows you have their back during these tough times.

Commit to An Artwork Virtual Event

With the pandemic still looming over, people have devised other ways to hold virtual meetings and events. You can participate in virtual art tours. Check the artists’ websites and follow for events and gatherings. They mostly post their virtual events on their social media platforms. These events typically occur on Zoom or Google Meetings.

Donate to Artwork if You Can

Support comes in different ways. You can also donate to artwork and help grow an artist or group. Most artists have opened funding accounts, as well as accounts to mobilise the general public. This is an effective way to support artists and art in general.

Like, Follow, and Share their Content

Social media is among the best communication channels that artists can use during these trying times. Check out their artwork social media accounts, like their posts, and share the content. In this day and age, making someone go viral is a great form of support. You give them the exposure they need to scale ahead of and make their lives better.

Offer Emotional Support

Everyone, regardless of their field, is going through a hard time. They need a shoulder to lean on, and some funds or a care package could go a long way. As a company, you can develop a plan to gift them so they know that they are not alone in this.

Recommend them to Your Friends

Has an artist recently painted a portrait for you, and you liked it? You can support them by recommending them to your friends who may need these services. It may be a word-of-the-mouth advertisement, but it goes a long way into proving your support to the artists.


While the artwork has had major milestones, the pandemic may have hit artists differently. By understanding the connection between art and businesses, you may also choose to incorporate a few pieces into your workspace to make things lighter and uplift your employees’ spirits. Additionally, you can show your support to the artists in different ways. Contact us to bridge the gap.

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