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Virtual Reality as a Comprehensive Home Concept

When it comes to virtual reality, most people equate it to science fiction movies like Minority Report. However, nowadays, Virtual Reality (VR) Home technology is on the rise thanks to its many areas of use. When it comes to home improvement, the technology will take family interactions to another level. It will be in sync with video games, medicine, education, and entertainment. Virtual reality is here to stay, but what exactly is it?

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a technology-developed environment with objects and things that appear in real life. You can access this reality through a Virtual Reality headset or a Helmet. VR makes you feel like one of the characters in the scenes allowing you to learn or improve the quality of your life. As a result, virtual reality is being developed to help young children, especially those with autism, learn virtually.

Virtual reality may seem like new technology. However, the technology has been in existence since the invention of virtual reality devices called Sensorama. The 1950s invention had a built-in seat that came with 3D movies giving users a livid experience. The development in technology and software has further improved its progress.

Benefits of Adopting VR in Home Technology

Below are some of the benefits of adopting virtual reality in Home technology. They include:

Encourages Sustainability and Cost reduction

With virtual reality use in Home technology, you don’t need household items like TVs and sound systems. Top Companies like Oculus are developing world-changing virtual reality technologies that will completely change life as we know it. Other startups like Mojo Vision are also working hard to develop augmented reality contact lenses that will be pivotal to the success of Virtual Reality.

The main improvement has been to reduce the size of virtual reality hardware by coming up with futuristic contact lenses that will replace household items like TVs, sound systems, and wall decorations. Having less electricity in your house is not only sustainable as it reduces operational costs like electricity; it also ensures maximum utilization of space.

Digitization of Work Environment

Everything is becoming digitized, and with the current situation, more employers are encouraging most of their staff to work from home. Home technology in virtual reality will be crucial in helping the transition to work from home as more companies adopt it. It’s easier to hold virtual meetings as it gives you a life-like experience. It’s also easier to hold a group meeting with your team members using virtual reality to alternative the current methods like zoom and Skype.

Microsoft is currently developing a collaborative mixed reality platform called Mesh. The platform shows how work-related activities could happen instantly, making a perfect addition to the Virtual Reality use in Home technology. Companies like Apple have already started multi-person AR in real places, but the next step would be to create a collaborative platform like the one created by Microsoft.

Short Supply Chain

Virtual Reality in Home technology is crucial when designing and evaluating 3D designs and products. Manufacturers need to research and come up with products that will influence the customer buying decisions. Virtual reality supply chain aims at increasing sales and sales opportunities of a product. A virtual reality experience like a store walk-through will influence the customer’s decision to buy. The walk-through should offer the customer price of the products and other information that will influence whether they will value the product.


Home Technology in Virtual Reality is crucial now more than ever, thanks to the ever-changing learning environment encouraging people to study online. It will be possible for teachers, parents, students, and peer groups to interact real-time through Virtual Reality technology. Although the technology has not yet been rolled out to the mainstream users, there is the possibility of such technology spurring the education of children with diseases like autism to higher levels.

An online platform called Engage is currently being used by Facebook, HTC, and the European Commission to help with remote education. A study done in 2019 showed that medical students under virtual reality tutelage were quicker and more accurate when carrying out specific procedures compared to other students who used traditional learning methods.

Virtual Reality and Socialization

It’s now possible for you to meet and socialize with strangers online through VR-based social platforms. The platforms offering a virtual environment include VR Chart, Altspace VR, and Rec Room. The improved technology makes the platforms attractive as more people adopt them on day-to-day activities like meeting friends online. The technology just like other technology filed is continuing to grow and will continue attracting more mainstream users.

Facebook announced its entry into the market by acquiring Virtual Reality headset manufacturer Oculus. It is currently running a virtual reality platform called Horizon, which is currently in the beta stage. The platform allows people to build and share collaborative online worlds where people can hang out and get into activities like games or work on collaborative projects.

Meeting friends and family realtime has been a challenge due to the current situation, making our work and schooling extremely remote. Our social interactions are slowly but surely becoming online as more stakeholders take it mainstream. Most people have to work or interact virtually as technological advancement continues to grow at unprecedented levels.

Architecture and Drawing

VR has contributed immensely to the success of architecture through groundbreaking drawing technologies. Sketch box is one such tool that uses class technology and cutting-edge software to solve training challenges for companies like IBM and 3M. The platform utilizes both AR and virtual reality ideas to develop a sketch without writing any code or making a paper sketch. You can use models you import to the sketch box by scaling them to their exact dimensions, applicable for storyboarding and design.

The following Virtual Reality design review tool is Symmetry used by professionals in fields like architecture, engineering, and construction. It allows you to review the designs alone or as a team. After that, you can upload the designs into Virtual Reality directly in 3D models, which you can view in virtual reality.

Virtual Tours

It’s now possible to take virtual tours of a country, museum, or space through from the comfort of your house. An online platform called Altspace VR is available online, and you can access entertainment events with live comedians and DJs from the platform. Celebrities have evolved in how they make money by adopting virtual technology to entertain their cult-like followers.

The platform has diverse age demography since it’s acceptable, with the minor age being 13 years and a maximum of 60 years. All you need is to check users’ availability online and get reminders of past or future events that you missed from the platform.


Virtual Reality is here to stay, and as technology like machine learning continues to grow, more and more users will continue using it. As we have learned from the article, it has also changed how we interact with our family and friends online, making it real-time. No area of human existence has been left untouched, especially with the recent pandemic. Most organizations advocating for people to work from home continue making it easy for VR technology to take over. Since most fortune 500 companies have started to use it, it’s just a matter of time before all corporations adopt it. Contact us to set-up your your VR-concept.

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