Using Principles of the Engaged Workforce for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

By Georg Tichy


Here is what we know about the engaged workforce: engaged workers, those who are loyal to the business and focused at work, those who are paying attention and working hard when they are on the job, are directly related to profit in the short and long term.

Now it gets more complicated. We can’t recruit and hire for engagement, because it is not a fixed quality. A worker who appears very engaged may get disillusioned or react to the business culture by becoming disengaged. The work may not meet needs the person can hardly identify, or may interfere with critical life goals and responsibilities, such as family. We do know a great about the characteristics of disengaged employees, because they are legion and vocal. But being disengaged is no more a fixed quality than being engaged. It’s not the worker, and it’s not the workplace. It’s the way those two meet and meld, or meet and clash.

The way we can influence the culture of the workplace to cultivate engaged employees is the same way we can attract those same people to support a crowdfunding campaign. If the company, not just the product or project, but the company is something people can believe in, they will support the ideas behind that belief. People get you, they get your ideas and goals, and they want to participate and contribute. 

What are these ideas? What are people looking for? Company values can be paraphrased into these five commitments:

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Social Justice
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Fair Labor Practices
  • Diversity and Inclusion

If a company, a startup, or a new crowdfunding campaign can address how their business is going to bring a new product or idea into the world, and do it according to principles and values that every young workforce for generations has hoped for, then those business are going to take the lead in building an engaged workforce.

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