Tips for Getting Your Crowdfunding Campaign Off the Ground

By Georg Tichy


Getting your campaign off to a good start is perhaps one of the most difficult parts of launching a crowdfundingcampaign. Once your campaign gets off the ground, it’s easier to attract more publicity. Here are a few tips for getting your campaign off to an awesome start.

Build Up Momentum Beforehand

Build up hype and publicity before your campaign actually launches. Use this time period to attract supporters; get as many backers as you can. If you have social media profiles for your campaign, aim to get as many likes and followers before your campaign actually goes live.

Activate Your Support Network

Once your campaign goes live, activate the support network you’ve just built up. Encourage your backers to finally contribute. In addition, enlist the support of your family, friends, and anyone else you know. This way, you won’t have to deal with a campaign that’s still floating around with $0 invested.

Attract High-Profile Investors

Do your best to attract even just one high-profile investor who would be willing to invest a nice sum of money. This will give your campaign additional publicity and will give it even more traction. If possible, enlist their support before your actual launch, so that your campaign has sizeable investments right at the beginning.

Market Aggressively

You do need a marketing campaign in order to attract investors. Invest in some online marketing. Social media is a great marketing platform; you can invest in either paid or free social media traffic.

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