The Complete Digital Transformation Checklist – Is Your Company Up to Speed? (Part 2)

By Georg Tichy


Welcome back to our complete digital transformation checklist. Last time we covered the importance of starting with a website including a live chat feature, the inevitability of a mobile app, and why every modern company can and should have a CMS. We ended the article by promising more acronyms and as we hate to disappoint, let’s start today with the EMS.

4) Industry-Specific EMS – Enterprise Management Software

The term EMS stands for enterprise management software and this acronym is, in fact, incredibly vague. The kind of software you need to run your business depends on your industry and size but believe us, at this point there is a fast and capable EMS for almost every industry on the planet from field services to finance management. Look into software built specifically for your industry and consider streamlining the vast majority of your procedures. EMS’s can offer inventory tracking solutions, connect to your CRM for improved customer relations across the board, and are usually built to address concerns unique to the industry like specific safety inspections, appointment scheduling, and so on.

5) VOIP – Internet Phones for Everyone

If you are still paying a telco company for wired office phones and costly cell phone plans, it’s time to join the rest of the online community in internet-based phone services instead. VOIP has come a long way since Skype for individual users introduced the population at large to the idea in the first place. There are now VOIP companies that cater exclusively to businesses and call centers and the flexibility is amazing. Not only can you scale a VOIP plan to any size of team or company, you can also access numbers from anywhere including mobile devices simply by logging into an online platform.

6) AI-Assisted Data Analysis

Data analysis, once one of the most tedious chores of any sales, research, or IT team, can now be handled almost 100% by self-learning computer programs. The power of large-scale data analysis and AI intuition can cut the time you spend on data analysis down to a fraction while multiplying the available results data your teams have to work with. The fact of the matter is that computers are both better and faster at skimming data and drawing trend charts.

7) IoT Devices and Sensors

IoT (Internet of Things) is the latest craze in business technology and it looks like it’s here to stay. The concept behind IoT devices is simply that they are wifi-enabled and can be controlled from a Smart Home hub or a mobile device from anywhere in range of the wifi network. Businesses are using IoT security cameras for wireless access to their security footage. IoT lights that can be remotely switched off and a programmable IoT thermostat can work together to significantly reduce your power bills. Plus, employees are delighted by almost all IoT gadgets like, say, an IoT coffee pot that can start brewing before anyone physically gets to the break room.

8) Comprehensive Cybersecurity Infrastructure

Of course, once your company has gone almost completely digital, it becomes vitally important to protect your local network and any stored data from both hackers and employee errors. This means you need a rock solid cybersecurity infrastructure with robust authorization, encryption, virus detection, and expert management to ensure that your digital files on both the company and your customers are always kept safe from malware attacks and unauthorized access.

9) Cloud-Based Documents and Backups

Finally, even with superb cybersecurity, it’s important to understand that there is only so much you can do to protect your local network. Even if hackers never target your company, a single natural disaster that takes out the building could take most of your company files with it. That is, unless you store your active documents in a cloud-based DMS and make whole-system backups on a remote virtual server. These methods will ensure that even if you are ‘fatally’ ransomware’d or your office building is carried to Oz by a tornado, you’ll be able to rent new space, call everyone in, and pick up almost as if there was never an interruption to business as usual.

Is your company’s digital transformation complete? If you’re missing one or more of the items on this checklist, your business is officially overdue for a few technological upgrades. Working with talented IT technicians, you should be able to take care of each of the items on our checklist quite easily over the next few months. This done, you are once again at the competitive cutting edge of modern business practices both on and offline. For more tips or guidance on how to conduct your company’s digital transformation, contact us today!

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