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Integrate ESG in Finance Education

The target picture of a comprehensive education should be on the understanding of the most important financial and non-financial interrelationships for entrepreneurial activity. ESG factors (sustainability factors) should be included in the finance education, as the consideration of non-financial issues (sustainability issues) in business is becoming increasingly important.Non-financial reporting and… 

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Principles of Stakeholder Management

Methods of stakeholder engagement can include surveys (such as supplier, customer, or worker surveys), focus groups, community panels, corporate advisory panels, written communication, use of union structures and other mechanisms. Successful engagement depends on understanding why to engage (the purpose), what to engage on (the scope), and who needs to… 

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SFDR – 2021 to 2023 obligations

This article provides an overview of sustainable finance-related disclosure obligations (SFDR = Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) for financial market participants (FMPs) and financial advisers (FAs) pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2088/2019 (Disclosure Regulation) and Regulation (EU) 2020/852 (Taxonomy Regulation) (No liability assumed). The aim of this regulation is to reduce information… 

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How to start your ESG rating

Enterprises are social organisations that follow a purpose. For a long time, this purpose was capital-oriented. Accordingly, most business valuation models are cash flow oriented and show the return on investment from the owner’s point of view. However, the total value of a company is made up of financial, social,… 

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Pricing for Co2 Emissions

In the last three decades, climatic change has become an emergency of international concern. The rise of carbon (Co2) emission among business players and a need to drive investment into a cleaner option to save the environment is rising. Besides, the cost of carbon emissions has adverse implications on peoples’… 

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Resources for ESG Guidelines

This article provides an overview about ESG Guidelines (Environmental, Social and Governance = ESG Guidelines). These resources can be used to implement ESG-criteria in your business, decisions and organization. These ESG Guidelines help to reduce risks for your business and provide guidance to show corporate responsibility in your industry: AA1000…