Why You’re Responsible for the Supply Chain

Supply chain, even on a global scale, is often complex and mostly lacks transparency. This is why it is the responsibility of any business to work extra hard to ensure that they move towards achieving or, better still, improving their social responsibility (ESG factors: Environment, Social and Governance). Furthermore, many businesses infinitely believe that things… Continue reading Why You’re Responsible for the Supply Chain

Pricing for Co2 Emissions

In the last three decades, climatic change has become an emergency of international concern. The rise of carbon (Co2) emission among business players and a need to drive investment into a cleaner option to save the environment is rising. Besides, the cost of carbon emissions has adverse implications on peoples’ health, affects crop, droughts, and… Continue reading Pricing for Co2 Emissions

Resources for ESG Guidelines

This article provides an overview about ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Guidelines. These resources can be used to implement ESG-criteria in your business, decisions and organization. They help to reduce risks for your business and provide guidance to show corporate responsibility in your industry: AA1000 Accountability Principles and Stakeholder Engagement Standard The AA1000 AccountAbility Stakeholder… Continue reading Resources for ESG Guidelines

Geoengineering against climate change

Geoengineering, also called climate engineering, is a group of technologies that are seeking to mitigate the effects of climate change by two methods. The first of these, CDR, stands for carbon dioxide removal. The second is SRM, or solar radiation management. CDR technologies are trying to remove the excess carbon stored in the atmosphere–greenhouse gases… Continue reading Geoengineering against climate change

Impacts of Organisational Change on Employees

Change is an inevitable necessity for any business to be able to level up. However, it is not always welcomed with open arms by employees. Fear is a natural reaction that adjustments ignites and the mystery that comes with change. The tough truth is that a business can never make take step forward without making… Continue reading Impacts of Organisational Change on Employees

Non-Financial Parameters of Company Evaluation

Although financial parameters play a critical role in evaluating a company’s performance. Recent research suggests that non-financial parameters could play an even bigger role in company evaluation. However, using financial parameters alone may not provide a wholesome picture of the current state of affairs in a company. It is important to note that it can… Continue reading Non-Financial Parameters of Company Evaluation

Sustainability in commercial real estate

It is a complex practice aimed at creating and maintaining conditions that will promote a prolonged existence of human beings. It involves production practices that do not exhaust resources that future generations will need for survival. For instance, the paper production industry can become sustainable by finding ways to keep manufacturing paper without exhausting trees… Continue reading Sustainability in commercial real estate

Sustainability and COVID-19: A disconnect?

The question we are addressing in this article is: Did the companies that have included sustainability and corporate responsibility in their strategies, acted fair und provided help during Corona (COVID-19). We are looking at the strategies of the companies and are providing examples of actions implemented in certain industries. Did they act responsibly or did… Continue reading Sustainability and COVID-19: A disconnect?