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Principles of Stakeholder Management

Methods of stakeholder engagement can include surveys (such as supplier, customer, or worker surveys), focus groups, community panels, corporate advisory panels, written communication, use of union structures and other mechanisms. Successful engagement depends on understanding why to engage (the purpose), what to engage on (the scope), and who needs to… 

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SFDR – CSRD – NFRD – What’s it about?

This article provides an overview of the following EU-Directives: CSRD: Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, NFRD: Non-Financial Reporting Directive and SFDR: Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation. These directives of the EU foresee non-financial reporting (ESG-reporting) at a much larger scale (i.e. for more companies and with additional information). The directives will give… 

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Diversity Improvements!?

The last years have seen a number of exciting startups securing venture capital and developing innovative products that include healthcare wearables and focus on diversity improvements. Fem Tech is the name for the women-led, women-designed new product startups, and the success of these traditional and consumer health care products can…