The Supply Chain Act in Germany

According to the Supply Chain Act companies must ensure that human rights are respected in their supply chains, i.e. that no children work or forced labour takes place. This is about compliance with basic human rights standards. The aim is to improve the protection of human rights as there are 152 million child labourers worldwide,… Continue reading The Supply Chain Act in Germany

Classic investment controlling in a group

Investment controlling in an international group can be exercised through reporting or cash management. The scope and governance of investment controlling defines the subsidiaries’ options and freedom of action. The investment controlling for a subsidiary tracks the strategy execution and reduces risks. Cash management for investment controlling The monitoring of cash flows in a cash… Continue reading Classic investment controlling in a group

Does Higher Risk Lead to Higher Returns?

When you put your effort, trust and money into something, you expect them to bear returns after a certain period. Essentially, you will be risking all these aspects with the hope of reaping returns. Even in business, there is a general assumption that higher risks equal higher returns, which is basically known as risk return… Continue reading Does Higher Risk Lead to Higher Returns?

Risk Management in Corporate Planning

Corporate planning is one of the most important tasks of the management and serves the presentation and calculation of possible future developments. Making the future plannable depends on a number of variables: one of these variables is risk. Risk always includes opportunities. The higher the risk, the higher the chances. Nevertheless, dealing with risk often… Continue reading Risk Management in Corporate Planning

How to overcome a Ransomware Attack

Every modern business deals with a certain amount of technology. From tech companies that consist internally of nothing but professionals at computers to minimally technical industries that still rely on databases and business software to keep everything running smoothly, the need for a secure network and backups of archived business data is universal. When your… Continue reading How to overcome a Ransomware Attack

Help Staff Improve Cyber-Security

Car dealerships have everything that hackers and scam artists love and need to focus on cyber-security therefore. You deal with high-value items and handle large amounts of money. Car dealers deal with people’s banks directly and process stacks of personal information that could be used for identity theft. You process payment information like debit and… Continue reading Help Staff Improve Cyber-Security