Portfoliomanagement Real Estate

This article gives an overview about the criteria that can be used in order to classify and evaluate real estate properties (i.e. the portfoliomanagement). The aim is to put together a portfolio that will last long term and generate good returns. The parameters return, risk and liquidity are to be weighed up under the aspect… Continue reading Portfoliomanagement Real Estate

Accounting Trends for International Businesses

Today’s accounting department must not only deal with the collection of financial information, but has to deal with non-financial information, controlling, IT and process topics to demonstrate that valid, meaningful data can be provided to various stakeholders. The increasing complexity should lead to more transparency, but accounting departments have to adapt to the new requirements.… Continue reading Accounting Trends for International Businesses

Risk Management in Corporate Planning

Corporate planning is one of the most important tasks of the management and serves the presentation and calculation of possible future developments. Making the future plannable depends on a number of variables: one of these variables is risk. Risk always includes opportunities. The higher the risk, the higher the chances. Nevertheless, dealing with risk often… Continue reading Risk Management in Corporate Planning

The DMAIC method to optimize support processes

Over the past decade, the framework conditions in nearly all industries have changed fundamentally. What at first glance looks like a global process of change is much more complex on closer analysis. Both the starting position, the direction and the extent of the necessary transformation processes in the industry are very different from region to… Continue reading The DMAIC method to optimize support processes