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Digital healthcare with 5G

5G gives a new meaning to ‘speedy recovery’ in healthcare facilities. Communication across departments is faster with this technology. It enables health facilities and patients to meet each other halfway by using virtual monitoring tools. Patients do not have to make a trip to the doctor’s office every appointment date.… 

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Big Data Benefits

Big data is the term used to describe large amounts of data in reference to businesses. It is collected from a variety of sources such as social media or business sales. Big data can be used to save you time and money when developing new products. Combining big data benefits… 

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Mobility and Event-Based Pricing

Pricing services is often arcane, taking into account many factors beyond simple supply and demand. As our world becomes more complicated and connected, it’s likely that mobility and event-based Pricing will increase and become more complicated. We’re already familiar with the basics of this. It costs more to ride a…