Embracing Sensor Technology In The Home-Zone

Sensors are devices or subsystems that function to detect changes around its environment and send that information to other electronic devices. Furthermore, they are used together with other electronic devices. These devices, together with other electronics, utilize IoT (Internet of Things) technology. IoT is a system of interrelated and internet-connected objects that can collect and… Continue reading Embracing Sensor Technology In The Home-Zone

The Company Is Where I Am | New Workplace Concepts

According to Peter Thomson, a respected authority in the concept of future work, many organizations are still using the Industrial Age working practices to make things work in the new Information Age workplace patterns. Many of these companies operating in the new Information Age still use hierarchical command systems. In the current state of the… Continue reading The Company Is Where I Am | New Workplace Concepts

5G Use Cases

According to the GMSA, the association that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, 1.8 billion 5G connections will be achieved by 2025. The Internet of Things will have truly arrived. Former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler: “In a 5G world, the Internet of Everything will be fully realized; everything that can be connected will be connected.… Continue reading 5G Use Cases

Internet of Things: Security and Convenience

The Internet of Things has entered consumers’ lives with wearable devices, cell phones, and security systems that send data through the internet. Meanwhile, a related concept is developing: the Industrial Internet of Things. Companies large and small are creating the infrastructure for the digital industrial revolution and focus on IOT Security. Wireless Sensor Systems A… Continue reading Internet of Things: Security and Convenience

Nanofarming as Social Responsibility

Technology has addressed the waste and energy use concerns in the way the world grows, packages, ships, and wastes fresh produce. At this point, agriculture is not sustainable, and the inequities in world-wide farming systems are causing concern and changes in consumer behavior. The local food movement, urban agriculture, farmer’s markets, CSA’s, Nanofarming and other… Continue reading Nanofarming as Social Responsibility

Can we change our human behaviour?

Taking an extra dose of Simvastatin, and then ordering double cheese on the pizza–no, screw it, let’s get double pepperoni, too!  This may not be the recommended usage of statin drugs for cholesterol, but it is how they are used by many more people than are willing to admit to the practice. While health care… Continue reading Can we change our human behaviour?

Residential Homecare and Healthcare IOT-Tools

The Internet of Things refers to any item or the capability of any item to be equipped with a sensor. This sensor would be able to collect data, and send it to another sensor or databank, and also be capable of taking action based on data recorded. As far as healthcare and especially residential homecare… Continue reading Residential Homecare and Healthcare IOT-Tools

Mobility and Event-Based Pricing

Pricing services is often arcane, taking into account many factors beyond simple supply and demand. As our world becomes more complicated and connected, it’s likely that mobility and event-based Pricing will increase and become more complicated. We’re already familiar with the basics of this. It costs more to ride a subway train during rush hour… Continue reading Mobility and Event-Based Pricing