7 Reasons Why Businesses Need Structure (In The Home Office)

The element of structure is paramount for any organization, especially one that involves remote working in home offices. Essentially, organizational structure encompasses formal and informal procedures and policies that a business owner can use to govern all the operations from a home-office. However, many home-based businesses don’t actually implement working structures in their operations because… Continue reading 7 Reasons Why Businesses Need Structure (In The Home Office)

Embracing Sensor Technology In The Home-Zone

Sensors are devices or subsystems that function to detect changes around its environment and send that information to other electronic devices. Furthermore, they are used together with other electronic devices. These devices, together with other electronics, utilize IoT (Internet of Things) technology. IoT is a system of interrelated and internet-connected objects that can collect and… Continue reading Embracing Sensor Technology In The Home-Zone

E-learning tips after COVID-19

The global pandemic has affected very many sectors worldwide, and this has not excluded the education unit. Globally, thousands of schools have been closed down. This is due to the upsurge of the Covid-19 that has paralysed the learning for over five months now. Now e-learning (online learning) becomes relevant for more and more people.… Continue reading E-learning tips after COVID-19

Successful Projectmanagement from Home-Office

With the way things are currently set, it is only wise to find ways and implement strategies for your team to work from home. For this reason, the number of people working from home offices is rapidly increasing because more companies are now embracing remote working. Home-office projectmanagement becomes more important. Although it is almost… Continue reading Successful Projectmanagement from Home-Office

Paperless office and document management systems

When companies are wondering whether or not to go through the most basic stage of the digital transformation, moving from paperwork documents to digital document management systems, there are often a lot of fears about how implementation and unfamiliarity with the new system will slow down productivity and potentially confuse the staff. However, the same… Continue reading Paperless office and document management systems