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The „G“ of ESG in the ESRS (Updated)

The “G” for “Governance” stands for controlled and transparent corporate management and includes topics that support sustainable corporate management, such as corporate values or management and control processes. The ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards) Exposure Drafts define on a very detailed level the future reporting requirements of the CSRD. Below… 

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Principles of Stakeholder Management

Methods of stakeholder engagement can include surveys (such as supplier, customer, or worker surveys), focus groups, community panels, corporate advisory panels, written communication, use of union structures and other mechanisms. Successful engagement depends on understanding why to engage (the purpose), what to engage on (the scope), and who needs to… 

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Classic investment controlling in a group

Investment controlling in an international group can be exercised through reporting or cash management. The scope and governance of investment controlling defines the subsidiaries’ options and freedom of action. The investment controlling for a subsidiary tracks the strategy execution and reduces risks. Cash management for investment controlling The monitoring of… 

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7 Reasons Why Businesses Need Structure (In The Home Office)

The element of structure is paramount for any organization, especially one that involves remote working in home offices. Essentially, organizational structure encompasses formal and informal procedures and policies that a business owner can use to govern all the operations from a home-office. However, many home-based businesses don’t actually implement working… 

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Accounting Trends for International Businesses

Today’s accounting department must not only deal with the collection of financial information, but has to deal with non-financial information, controlling, IT and process topics to demonstrate that valid, meaningful actual and planning data can be provided to various stakeholders. The increasing complexity should lead to more transparency, but accounting…