The new corporate minimum tax

The G7 have agreed in June 2021 on a new global corporate minimum tax. The Finance Finance Ministers of the G7 agreed the principles of an ambitious two Pillar global solution to tackle the tax challenges arising from an increasingly globalised and digital global economy. The details of the agreed principles will be finalised in… Continue reading The new corporate minimum tax

All about Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has changed since the first exciting days, and several new trends show the maturing industry. As an alternative financing method it enables you to finance your products via the crowd. Campaigns need to be set-up properly in order to launch a successful financing round. In this article you will find a lot of tips… Continue reading All about Crowdfunding

Social Credit Score and the Bell Curve

The Social Credit Score is a system that China has had in trials for several years, and that uses the principles of credit scoring- data streams from several specific sources- to formulate a predictive score. The current credit score uses data from the past to predict future behavior, and allows financial institutions to evaluate risk… Continue reading Social Credit Score and the Bell Curve