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ESG performance stratecta

A questionnaire for evaluating ESG performance

This questionnaire provides an overview for measuring ESG performance. With this questionnaire it can be evaluated whether a) a company actively addresses the ESG impacts of its business activities and b) whether a company sustainably delivers positive and measurable performance in all value dimensions (economic, social, environmental and governance/compliance) for… 

non-financials stratecta

Non-Financial Parameters of Company Evaluation

Although financial parameters play a critical role in evaluating a company’s performance. Recent research suggests that non-financial parameters could play an even bigger role in company evaluation. However, using financial parameters alone may not provide a wholesome picture of the current state of affairs in a company. It is important… 

engagement stratecta

How to improve employee engagement

Successful businesses tend to share similar values that boost their employee engagement. A loyal, dedicated, and energized staff, working toward a common goal, is the gold standard for a happy and engaged workforce. Across size, industry, market share, intellectual property, and other economic variables, employee engagement stands out as the…