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Why Art is Inspiring to Businesses

Almost every aspect of life is connected to art and can be explained with a few artistic features. In most business scenarios, artistic features stimulate employees to be productive. Additionally, it serves businesses on different levels, especially in connecting the workforce and the clients. With a portrait or artistic features,… 

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Diversity Improvements!?

The last years have seen a number of exciting startups securing venture capital and developing innovative products that include healthcare wearables and focus on diversity improvements. Fem Tech is the name for the women-led, women-designed new product startups, and the success of these traditional and consumer health care products can… 

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How to improve employee engagement

Successful businesses tend to share similar values that boost their employee engagement. A loyal, dedicated, and energized staff, working toward a common goal, is the gold standard for a happy and engaged workforce. Across size, industry, market share, intellectual property, and other economic variables, employee engagement stands out as the…