Food Trends for your business

What we eat and how we eat it is changing and despite or maybe because of COVID-19, there will be more focus on food trends. It’s been evolving for decades because those within the food industry know that it’s critical to partake in short-term trends in order to stay successful. Those who fail to embrace… Continue reading Food Trends for your business

Paperless office and document management systems

When companies are wondering whether or not to go through the most basic stage of the digital transformation, moving from paperwork documents to digital document management systems, there are often a lot of fears about how implementation and unfamiliarity with the new system will slow down productivity and potentially confuse the staff. However, the same… Continue reading Paperless office and document management systems

etailers vs retailers

In the etailers versus retailers war, the etailers are winning. Market shares for everything ecommerce are growing. Tech solutions have concentrated efforts on customer management and marketing software for ecommerce platforms. Consumers have responded by shopping online in their pajamas in the middle of the global night from every possible corner of the world. Big… Continue reading etailers vs retailers

Digital Transformation of your business

Though the first companies to ‘go digital’ did so as far back as the 90s, many industries and individual businesses have been putting off their digital transformation for decades. In the vast majority of these cases, the original decision to hold off on digitizing was a wise one. The industry software wasn’t ready and there… Continue reading Digital Transformation of your business