Cloud infrastructure for businesses

Long ago, bulky computing data was a menace because it used to occupy so much space, owing to the physical facilities employed such as paper and floppy disks. Over time, many industries and companies started to seek better storage setup, and virtual internet storage (the “cloud”) was the best solution. Apart from the IT industry… Continue reading Cloud infrastructure for businesses

Embracing Sensor Technology In The Home-Zone

Sensors are devices or subsystems that function to detect changes around its environment and send that information to other electronic devices. Furthermore, they are used together with other electronic devices. These devices, together with other electronics, utilize IoT (Internet of Things) technology. IoT is a system of interrelated and internet-connected objects that can collect and… Continue reading Embracing Sensor Technology In The Home-Zone

Smart Cities Evolution after the Covid-19 Pandemic

Cities around the world have faced hardships since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Every metropolitan area has been affected, even the emerging smart cities of the future. The epidemic has opened up a whole new perspective on the planning and developments of a smart city as they evolve in the future. The smart cities evolution needs… Continue reading Smart Cities Evolution after the Covid-19 Pandemic

Understanding Business Continuity Management

Disasters always come without warning, meaning lack of preparedness can have devastating results to businesses. The only way that a business can ensure preparedness for disasters is through a business continuity management programme. Barclay Simpsons describes Business Continuity Management (BCM) as a holistic management process that helps an organisation identify potential threats and the possible… Continue reading Understanding Business Continuity Management

Diversity Improvements!?

The last years have seen a number of exciting startups securing venture capital and developing innovative products that include healthcare wearables and focus on diversity improvements. Fem Tech is the name for the women-led, women-designed new product startups, and the success of these traditional and consumer health care products can be summed up in two… Continue reading Diversity Improvements!?

Internet of Things: Security and Convenience

The Internet of Things has entered consumers’ lives with wearable devices, cell phones, and security systems that send data through the internet. Meanwhile, a related concept is developing: the Industrial Internet of Things. Companies large and small are creating the infrastructure for the digital industrial revolution and focus on IOT Security. Wireless Sensor Systems A… Continue reading Internet of Things: Security and Convenience

How to overcome a Ransomware Attack

Every modern business deals with a certain amount of technology. From tech companies that consist internally of nothing but professionals at computers to minimally technical industries that still rely on databases and business software to keep everything running smoothly, the need for a secure network and backups of archived business data is universal. When your… Continue reading How to overcome a Ransomware Attack

Help Staff Improve Cyber-Security

Car dealerships have everything that hackers and scam artists love and need to focus on cyber-security therefore. You deal with high-value items and handle large amounts of money. Car dealers deal with people’s banks directly and process stacks of personal information that could be used for identity theft. You process payment information like debit and… Continue reading Help Staff Improve Cyber-Security

Fashion That Can Beat Facial Recognition Systems

The world knows much more about your face that you may ever realize. Your images appear in surveillance camera footage from gas stations, city streets, or in your local grocery store. Furthermore, if you have face identification apps in any of your gadgets, then the phone has intimate details of that unique forehead of yours.… Continue reading Fashion That Can Beat Facial Recognition Systems