SFDR – 2021 to 2023 obligations

This article provides an overview of sustainable finance-related disclosure obligations (SFDR = Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) for financial market participants (FMPs) and financial advisers (FAs) pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2088/2019 (Disclosure Regulation) and Regulation (EU) 2020/852 (Taxonomy Regulation) (No liability assumed). The aim of this regulation is to reduce information asymmetries in the relationships between… Continue reading SFDR – 2021 to 2023 obligations

Portfoliomanagement Real Estate

This article gives an overview about the criteria that can be used in order to classify and evaluate real estate properties (i.e. the portfoliomanagement). The aim is to put together a portfolio that will last long term and generate good returns. The parameters return, risk and liquidity are to be weighed up under the aspect… Continue reading Portfoliomanagement Real Estate

Home is where the customer is

Home is where the customer is. The physical home is an extended home-zone, nowadays. If you want to be successful with your services, you have to reach the customer in his home where he uses his devices and sensors. More and more services are anchored at the customer-home – more services for easier coping with… Continue reading Home is where the customer is

Cinemas vs VOD: a Disruptive Change after Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has been surprisingly disruptive in many areas of society. A significant impact has been made on cinemas and distributors, prompting large scale disagreements, a ban on specific films and threats to make sweeping changes in the industry through an increased use of Video on Demand. But how will the prospect of… Continue reading Cinemas vs VOD: a Disruptive Change after Coronavirus?

Retailers Health Measures to Protect Employees

While the coronavirus massively spread across various regions globally, the main focus for retailers is to limit the pandemic’s impact on both the employees and customers. As essential service providers, you are forced to adopt new guidelines and protective protocols according to local and state directives. In most regions around the world, the retail sector… Continue reading Retailers Health Measures to Protect Employees

Long-term pricing for products and services

This article describes how market prices could be used to set the right incentive to achieve long term growth (via long-term pricing). These days – in general – you need to have market power to be profitable. Market power means you need to a have a significant market share or monopolist position. In this position… Continue reading Long-term pricing for products and services

etailers vs retailers

In the etailers versus retailers war, the etailers are winning. Market shares for everything ecommerce are growing. Tech solutions have concentrated efforts on customer management and marketing software for ecommerce platforms. Consumers have responded by shopping online in their pajamas in the middle of the global night from every possible corner of the world. Big… Continue reading etailers vs retailers

Crowdcasting to Drive Innovation and CRM

Crowdcasting is the newest use of the crowd to change the paradigm of two important functions of business: innovation and customer relationship management.  Innovation is being moved from the realm of experts to the crowd via problem-solving platforms like Hero-X. Incentives include contests and other forms of interaction, including cash prices, and problems that range… Continue reading Crowdcasting to Drive Innovation and CRM