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LaLinda Natural Skin Care: We want to develop a new Brightening Cream and Serum for face, which we could bring to market in autumn 2018.

At LaLinda we believe that natural skin care should caress, nourish and protect your skin. We love skin and constantly strive for innovative natural recipes for YOUR skin.

The magnificent surroundings of The Alps are both our role model and our source for pure mountain spring water. We believe our skin deserves the best that nature has to offer.

The Alps provide us with crystal clear mountain spring water and many other pure ingredients for our products. We only use gentle plant extracts and flower essences like rose, witch-hazel, pure aloe vera, etc. They have a caressing and hydrating effect on skin. Essential oils like almond oil or jojoba oil make skin elastic and soft.

Our products are made from natural, sustainable and biologically degradable ingredients. LaLinda Natural Skin care is based on the latest dermatological findings. We combine them with ancient skin care recipes and pure herbal essences.

Nature is our role model and our passion. Nature provides us with all its richness in ingredients to protect and nourish our skin. Some 15 years ago I started to research the ingredients of what I was putting on my head, in response to an irritating condition of my scalp that kept coming back.   What I found encouraged me strongly to look for alternatives. So I started to experiment with natural ingredients, at first only for myself, family and friends.

The more I found and experimented, the more I became fascinated by nature’s richness in resources for our human skin. So I decided to create skin care that makes our skin stay soft, soothe when it is irritated and takes magnificent care or our skin in all kinds of conditions. The result of this is LaLinda Natural Skin Care.


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