FAQ Project Owners

By Georg Tichy

Crowdfunding is a great funding tool for anyone interested in starting a project. You need a good idea; and you need to express it clearly to get people involved. These days it is complicated to receive a bank loan. Our platform can help a business much faster and easier to obtain funding. A company or entrepreneur will get his idea financed by the crowd, if he has convinced the crowd. The backes will receive a reward for funding your project.
Anyone can launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. Primarily, and perhaps most importantly, you have to articulate your vision clearly and specifically address your wants and needs. Potential backers would like to make informed decisions. We're a platform that help professionals with new ideas and new businesses come to life. We think that the global economy is lacking innovation and therefore want to change that.
Be specific Your idea should be concrete and should be a product. You should have evaluated how you can manufacture your product; and must know the members of your supply chain. It is also necessary for you to present your team, your skills, your experience and your idea impressively. Be viral In order for your product to go viral, it should be explained in 2-5 sentences (elevator pitch) and supported by pictures and a cool video. We will help you to distribute your idea over several social media platforms. Be honest Be aware that backers invest in you and your product, because they trust you. Be results-orientated A (short) business plan should describe your project and the benefits you offer. It shows how you can achieve your goals. Thorough preparation will help to achieve the funding goals.
The funding period normally lasts 6-8 Weeks. During this time the funding goal should to be achieved. If the funding goal is reached, then the money minus the fees will be transferred to project owner. If it is not reached within the 6-8 week time frame, then the contribution fees are transferred back to backers. The project owner needs to profoundly promote his project during this period and will be supported by STRATECTA as the platform provider.
The platform fee is based on PWYW (Pay What You Want) and the payment provider receives a certain percentage of the funds you collect. The project owner can produce the video on his own and place it on our platform. As an alternative, we can support the project owner in producing the video and communication plan which consists of mandatory costs. We’re helping you to promote your project.
Registered users can easily create and edit projects from the front-end of our platform. Upon submission, both creator and administrator will receive an email notification. These simple steps can bring your ideas to life:
  • Create an account
  • Submit your project (via the Dashboard, once you are registered)
  • Sign a Funding Agreement with us and secupay AG
  • Start collecting funds via our platform
Innovation is a better solution that meets new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market requirements. An innovation can be a product, service, technology, or a business model that is readily available to the markets, governments and society. The term "innovation" can be defined as something, bespoke, original and more effective and as a consequence is new, that "breaks into" the market or society.
We are offering the platform for the following projects:
  • Entrepreneurial innovations (products and services)
  • Research topics
  • ESV-campaigns (Economic Social Value-campaigns)
Research topics: We support independent research by companies or persons. Your research topic should have an societal relevance. ESV-Campaigns: Economic Social Value-Campaigns are campaigns that are adressing important topics that have an impact on companies and society. Your campaign should have a positive impact on society and companies and promote awareness about interaction between companies and society.