finance stratecta Finance Department Organization in SME’s Analysis and Opinions In a Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) several financial-related tasks are typically headed by the Finance Manager. Whereas in large corporates these tasks are separated under different responsibilities, in SME’s these are Continue Reading stratecta logo structure stratecta 7 Reasons Why Businesses Need Structure (In The Home Office) Analysis and Opinions The element of structure is paramount for any organization, especially one that involves remote working in home offices. Essentially, structure encompasses formal and informal procedures and policies that a business Continue Reading stratecta logo geoengineering stratecta Geoengineering against climate change Analysis and Opinions Geoengineering, also called climate engineering, is a group of technologies that are seeking to mitigate the effects of climate change by two methods. The first of these, CDR, stands for Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta new normal Prepare for the New Normal After Covid Analysis and Opinions The Covid pandemic has changed the world and the way we live in many ways. For this reason, a lot of work and money has been put into finding ways Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta verbal_agreements When a verbal agreement doesn’t cut it Analysis and Opinions Contracts govern nearly every aspect of day-to-day life in ways one may not even realize. From accepting the Terms and Conditions of an app on our smartphones to haggling over Continue Reading stratecta logo cloud stratecta Cloud infrastructure for businesses Analysis and Opinions Long ago, bulky computing data was a menace because it used to occupy so much space, owing to the physical facilities employed such as paper and floppy disks. Over time, Continue Reading stratecta logo art stratecta Why Art is Inspiring to Businesses Analysis and Opinions Almost every aspect of life is connected to art and can be explained with a few artistic features. In most business scenarios, artistic features stimulate employees to be productive. Additionally, Continue Reading stratecta logo change stratecta Impacts of Organisational Change on Employees Analysis and Opinions Change is an inevitable necessity for any business to be able to level up. However, it is not always welcomed with open arms by employees. Fear is a natural reaction Continue Reading stratecta logo risks stratecta Does Higher Risk Lead to Higher Returns? Analysis and Opinions When you put your effort, trust and money into something, you expect them to bear returns after a certain period. Essentially, you will be risking all these aspects with the Continue Reading stratecta logo non-financials stratecta Non-Financial Parameters of Company Evaluation Analysis and Opinions Although financial parameters play a critical role in evaluating a company’s performance. Recent research suggests that non-financial parameters could play an even bigger role in company evaluation. However, using financial Continue Reading stratecta logo sensors stratecta Embracing Sensor Technology In The Home-Zone Analysis and Opinions Sensors are devices or subsystems that function to detect changes around its environment and send that information to other electronic devices. Furthermore, they are used together with other electronic devices. Continue Reading stratecta logo portfoliomanagement stratecta Portfoliomanagement Real Estate Analysis and Opinions This article gives an overview about the criteria that can be used in order to classify and evaluate real estate properties (i.e. the portfoliomanagement). The aim is to put together Continue Reading stratecta logo commercial stratecta Sustainability in commercial real estate Analysis and Opinions It is a complex practice aimed at creating and maintaining conditions that will promote a prolonged existence of human beings. It involves production practices that do not exhaust resources that Continue Reading stratecta logo transportation stratecta Individual Transport Vs. Mass Transport Since Corona Analysis and Opinions Mass transport has been among the hardest-hit sectors by the COVID-19 pandemic. As ridership numbers have continued to reduce, many operators in developing and developed countries have had to face Continue Reading stratecta logo workplace stratecta The Company Is Where I Am | New Workplace Concepts Analysis and Opinions According to Peter Thomson, a respected authority in the concept of future work, many organizations are still using the Industrial Age working practices to make things work in the new Continue Reading stratecta logo customer stratecta Home is where the customer is Analysis and Opinions Home is where the customer is. The physical home is an extended home-zone, nowadays. If you want to be successful with your services, you have to reach the customer in Continue Reading stratecta logo accounting stratecta Accounting Trends for International Businesses Analysis and Opinions Today's accounting department must not only deal with the collection of financial information, but has to deal with non-financial information, controlling, IT and process topics to demonstrate that valid, meaningful Continue Reading stratecta logo Risk Management stratecta Risk Management in Corporate Planning Analysis and Opinions Corporate planning is one of the most important tasks of the management and serves the presentation and calculation of possible future developments. Making the future plannable depends on a number Continue Reading stratecta logo DMAIC stratecta The DMAIC method to optimize support processes Analysis and Opinions Over the past decade, the framework conditions in nearly all industries have changed fundamentally. What at first glance looks like a global process of change is much more complex on Continue Reading stratecta logo invoice handling stratecta Optimizing invoice handling for a law firm Analysis and Opinions If a law firm wants to generate an improved cash inflow through a faster invoicing process, a simple and standardized billing process needs to be created. The optimizations should lead Continue Reading stratecta logo internal controls stratecta Internal and external controls in European companies Analysis and Opinions The reliability of the financial results of a company is of great importance, as they represent an important information for financiers, banks, business partners, etc. The financial information shall reflect Continue Reading stratecta logo management positions stratecta Why You Should Double Management Positions Analysis and Opinions Doubling the management positions in different organisations is rapidly catching on as a flexible work arrangement. With the current economic realities, it is prudent for businesses to adjust to compete Continue Reading stratecta logo e-learning stratecta E-learning tips after COVID-19 Analysis and Opinions The global pandemic has affected very many sectors worldwide, and this has not excluded the education unit. Globally, thousands of schools have been closed down. This is due to the Continue Reading stratecta logo Cinemas vs VOD Cinemas vs VOD: a Disruptive Change after Coronavirus? Analysis and Opinions The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has been surprisingly disruptive in many areas of society. A significant impact has been made on cinemas and distributors, prompting large scale disagreements, a ban on Continue Reading stratecta logo projectmanagement stratecta Successful Projectmanagement from Home-Office Analysis and Opinions With the way things are currently set, it is only wise to find ways and implement strategies for your team to work from home. For this reason, the number of Continue Reading stratecta logo smart city stratecta Smart Cities Evolution after the Covid-19 Pandemic Analysis and Opinions Cities around the world have faced hardships since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Every metropolitan area has been affected, even the emerging smart cities of the future. The epidemic has opened Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta retailers Retailers Health Measures to Protect Employees Analysis and Opinions While the coronavirus massively spread across various regions globally, the main focus for retailers is to limit the pandemic's impact on both the employees and customers. As essential service providers, Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta Business Continuity Management Understanding Business Continuity Management Analysis and Opinions Disasters always come without warning, meaning lack of preparedness can have devastating results to businesses. The only way that a business can ensure preparedness for disasters is through a business Continue Reading stratecta logo neural networks stratecta Internet platforms democracy for economies Analysis and Opinions Think of small nodes of economic activity, local economies, that are connected to each other through lines of information and communication and resource sharing. Rather than a large controlling center Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta covid Sustainability and COVID-19: A disconnect? Analysis and Opinions The question we are addressing in this article is: Did the companies that have included sustainability and corporate responsibility in their strategies, acted fair und provided help during Corona (COVID-19). Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta merger Synergies and Impact of Mergers & Acquisitions Analysis and Opinions Corporate Responsibility is becoming ever more important in these challenging economic times. Real prosperity requires a combination of economic development with social generosity and demands a new approach towards social Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta corporatereporting Increase the readability of your corporate reports Analysis and Opinions One of the biggest problems in corporate reporting is, that actually not many are really reading the big company reports (corporate annual reports or sustainability reports). There are a lot Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta pricing Long-term pricing for products and services Analysis and Opinions This article describes how market prices could be used to set the right incentive to achieve long term growth (via long-term pricing). These days – in general - you need Continue Reading stratecta logo Stratecta 5G 5G Use Cases Analysis and Opinions According to the GMSA, the association that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, 1.8 billion 5G connections will be achieved by 2025. The Internet of Things will have truly arrived. Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta bigdata Big Data Benefits Analysis and Opinions Big data is the term used to describe large amounts of data in reference to businesses. It is collected from a variety of sources such as social media or business Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta diversity Diversity Improvements!? Analysis and Opinions The last years have seen a number of exciting startups securing venture capital and developing innovative products that include healthcare wearables and focus on diversity improvements. Fem Tech is the Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta iot Internet of Things: Security and Convenience Analysis and Opinions The Internet of Things has entered consumers’ lives with wearable devices, cell phones, and security systems that send data through the internet. Meanwhile, a related concept is developing: the Industrial Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta nanofarming Nanofarming as Social Responsibility Analysis and Opinions Technology has addressed the waste and energy use concerns in the way the world grows, packages, ships, and wastes fresh produce. At this point, agriculture is not sustainable, and the Continue Reading stratecta logo STRATECTA Food Food Trends for your business Analysis and Opinions What we eat and how we eat it is changing and despite or maybe because of COVID-19, there will be more focus on food trends. It's been evolving for decades Continue Reading stratecta logo virtual shopping Where Are You: Retailers Virtual Technology? Analysis and Opinions What would a retail experience look like three years from now?  What if you could browse a store while sitting in the store?  Let's suppose an associate hands you virtual Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta timetogo Why two functional periods are enough Analysis and Opinions For all organisations, the difference between success and failure lies in identifying and cultivating strong leadership. Without strong managers weaved throughout the organisation, it's possible the entire company will stagnate Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta interface Robots as a substitute for human proximity Analysis and Opinions Deep learning, big data, the cloud, and the rest of the pieces of the developing AI world are becoming familiar, being visualized by marketers who understand we need images and Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta change Can we change our human behaviour? Analysis and Opinions Taking an extra dose of Simvastatin, and then ordering double cheese on the pizza--no, screw it, let's get double pepperoni, too!  This may not be the recommended usage of statin Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta climate Climate Change Initiatives Analysis and Opinions Many companies are already addressing the elements of social justice, environmental stewardship, transparency, and fair labor practices in their company values. The Business Roundtable in the US announced the release Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta values Business values and new corporate standards Analysis and Opinions Successful businesses tend to share similar values that boost their employee engagement. A loyal, dedicated, and energized staff, working toward a common goal, is the gold standard for a happy Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta homecare Residential Homecare and Healthcare IOT-Tools Analysis and Opinions The Internet of Things refers to any item or the capability of any item to be equipped with a sensor. This sensor would be able to collect data, and send Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta DMS Paperless office and document management systems Analysis and Opinions When companies are wondering whether or not to go through the most basic stage of the digital transformation, moving from paperwork documents to digital document management systems, there are often Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta crowdfunding All about Crowdfunding Analysis and Opinions Crowdfunding has changed since the first exciting days, and several new trends show the maturing industry. Projects rooted in sustainability remain popular, such as hemp fiber glasses frames and window Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta services AI-Impact for Insurers and Lawyers Analysis and Opinions Financial services quickly embraced new technology because its use in generating value was readily apparent to investors and customers. Gathering information in real-time and timing transactions based on the steady Continue Reading stratecta logo stratecta unbiased decisions Do artifical networks make unbiased decisions? Analysis and Opinions Artificial neural networks have given AIs the functionality for complex problem solving and pattern recognition, and they have entered the workforce, particularly in areas of big data analysis and global Continue Reading stratecta logo