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Imagine the future

Crowdfunding for personalities and first movers!

We offer entrepreneurs the possibility to crowdfund their ideas and innovations on our platform. This platform is for you – all lines of business welcome.

Your project should be an innovation or new idea and should support economic growth. Our platform is simultaneously local and international: your project can be local, while the backers will be national and international. It’s core is to ensure fair and orderly exchange of information (for more tips, see our Blog.)

We are offering the platform for the following projects:

  1. Entrepreneurial innovations (products and services)
  2. Research topics
  3. ESV-campaigns (Economic Social Value-campaigns)

We offer a leading crowdfunding platform that gives project owners the possibility to crowdfund their projects quickly and simply. Registered users can easily create and edit projects from the front-end of our platform. Upon submission, both creator and administrator will receive an email notification.

We offer you a service that is simple, supportive, based on Pay What You Want (PWYW) and secure (escrow accounts of secupay AG: an approved payment institution by the BaFin [Germany] for financial transfer companies). Payment methods are: bank transfer, direct debit and credit card. You have full transparency about the funding-status of your project and about all your backers at any time. Our platform helps to build trust between backers and project creators.

PWYW means no limits:

  • For Backers: Contributions start at 1 EUR and can be any amount.
  • For Project Owners: It’s up to you to decide which fee you pay to the platform provider. It’s pay what you want!

Our vision is to support innovation or new ideas and thereby enable economic growth. We know how important it is to generate new products and services and how complicated it can be to get them financed. That’s why we offer this platform: to support innovation.

STRATECTA – Imagine the future

Crowdfunding for personalities and first movers and Management Consultancy


We welcome you on our platform!