Crowdfunding Strategies

By Georg Tichy

how it works

Crowdfunding is a unique funding opportunity for new ideas. Our platform offers innovative businesses and entrepreneurs the possibility to fund their products. Preparation for a crowdfunding campaign will need approximately the degree of preparation and planning of any business going to the bank to request a loan, including a functional business model and a business plan with projections. In addition, there is some planning and work that is unique to the crowdfunding platform:

  • Have your financial and business planning done before beginning the campaign.
  • The R and D should be done before a decision to monetize the product. Have a working prototype on hand.
  • Tell the story of how your business will change the world.
  • Successful crowdfunding campaigns, in addition to the financial planning for the business, plan marketing and outreach for several months before the launch of the campaign.
  • Start the buzz early about the campaign; showcase your social justice roots; convert backers to customers with discounts, information, and shared goals.
  • Clear communication with backers about the state of the project is another best practice.
  • Keep backers informed about progress, and convert backers to customers with financial incentives, information, and shared goals.

Our platform team supports you in achieving your goals.

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