Geoengineering against climate change

Geoengineering, also called climate engineering, is a group of technologies that are seeking to mitigate the effects of climate change by two methods. The first of these, CDR, stands for carbon dioxide removal. The second is SRM, or solar radiation management. CDR technologies are trying to remove the excess carbon stored in the atmosphere–greenhouse gases… Continue reading Geoengineering against climate change

When a verbal agreement doesn’t cut it

Contracts govern nearly every aspect of day-to-day life in ways one may not even realize. From accepting the Terms and Conditions of an app on our smartphones to haggling over prices at a neighborhood yard sale, contracts are a fundamental part of modern life. We’ll explain what are the benefits of a written contract vs… Continue reading When a verbal agreement doesn’t cut it

Cloud infrastructure for businesses

Long ago, bulky computing data was a menace because it used to occupy so much space, owing to the physical facilities employed such as paper and floppy disks. Over time, many industries and companies started to seek better storage setup, and virtual internet storage (the “cloud”) was the best solution. Apart from the IT industry… Continue reading Cloud infrastructure for businesses

Why Art is Inspiring to Businesses

Almost every aspect of life is connected to art and can be explained with a few artistic features. In most business scenarios, artistic features stimulate employees to be productive. Additionally, it serves businesses on different levels, especially in connecting the workforce and the clients. With a portrait or artistic features, you can invoke some thoughts… Continue reading Why Art is Inspiring to Businesses

Impacts of Organisational Change on Employees

Change is an inevitable necessity for any business to be able to level up. However, it is not always welcomed with open arms by employees. Fear is a natural reaction that adjustments ignites and the mystery that comes with change. The tough truth is that a business can never make take step forward without making… Continue reading Impacts of Organisational Change on Employees

Does Higher Risk Lead to Higher Returns?

When you put your effort, trust and money into something, you expect them to bear returns after a certain period. Essentially, you will be risking all these aspects with the hope of reaping returns. Even in business, there is a general assumption that higher risks equal higher returns, which is basically known as risk return… Continue reading Does Higher Risk Lead to Higher Returns?

Non-Financial Parameters of Company Evaluation

Although financial parameters play a critical role in evaluating a company’s performance. Recent research suggests that non-financial parameters could play an even bigger role in company evaluation. However, using financial parameters alone may not provide a wholesome picture of the current state of affairs in a company. It is important to note that it can… Continue reading Non-Financial Parameters of Company Evaluation

Embracing Sensor Technology In The Home-Zone

Sensors are devices or subsystems that function to detect changes around its environment and send that information to other electronic devices. Furthermore, they are used together with other electronic devices. These devices, together with other electronics, utilize IoT (Internet of Things) technology. IoT is a system of interrelated and internet-connected objects that can collect and… Continue reading Embracing Sensor Technology In The Home-Zone

Portfoliomanagement Real Estate

This article gives an overview about the criteria that can be used in order to classify and evaluate real estate properties (i.e. the portfoliomanagement). The aim is to put together a portfolio that will last long term and generate good returns. The parameters return, risk and liquidity are to be weighed up under the aspect… Continue reading Portfoliomanagement Real Estate