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According to the GMSA, the association that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, 1.8 billion 5G connections will be achieved by 2025. The Internet of Things will have truly arrived on a new network. Former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler: “In a 5G world, the Internet of Everything will be fully realized; everything that can be connected will be connected. Most important, 5G will enable killer applications yet to be imagined.” Therefore 5G Use Cases need to be established.

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5G Technology

Telecoms and governments are working together to roll-out 5G as fast as possible. Organizations, governments, and academics are working on the technologies. 5G is the next generation of mobile networking. What will 5G consist of? The technology aims at a far broader range of services than the existing 4G. Voice communication will continue to be a big part, but data communication will increase significantly.

A new feature is “network slicing,” the ability to create virtual networks for special purposes. It will support variations on the technology for varying demands. The Internet of Things (IoT) needs to connect lots of devices and consume very little power, so that batteries rarely need recharging or replacing. Media streaming calls for a lot of bandwidth. Gaming and other interactive applications need the quickest turnaround possible.

Small cell networks will provide extremely high bandwidth in local areas, with ranges from 10 meters to 2 kilometers. They’re similar to Wi-Fi in concept but use cell networks’ LTE technology. Small cells exist in 4G technology but will be more feasible with 5G’s new features. They’ll allow things like machine-to-machine communication on a massive level.

5G Speed

Streaming video will reach astonishing speeds. With sustained data rates of a gigabit per second or more, 4K video streams and virtual reality environments won’t be any problem. The former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has said, “5G will enable killer applications yet to be imagined.” With 5G, people and devices will be more connected than ever, in more ways than ever.

The GSMA wrote “that the number of live 5G markets is increasing by the day and consumers’ awareness of the technology is also growing as hype makes way for reality. 5G is still in its infancy though; as more tangible use cases are deployed, more consumers will appreciate the benefits of 5G.”

For example with 5G we could overcome some of the problems that have been identified with mobile payments in the past: 1) Security concerns: The improved technology combined with consumer education will overcome concerns. 2) Lack of standardized hardware: Of the contenders in mobile payment, Apple Pay has been the most successful. The new 5G hardware will it make it easier to connect to Merchants. 3) Lack of consumer motivation: The “failure fatigue” of the past will be forgotten with the new technology.

Use Cases

The new technology will enable new use cases. Nokia has identified the following cases:

  • Immersive Experiences
  • Connected Vehicles
  • Cloud Robotics
  • Capacity Upgrade
  • Smart Stadiums
  • Machine Remote Controls
  • Video Surveillance and Analytics
  • eHealth
  • Fixed Wireless Access

Update January 2021: It turned out at the beginning of 2021 that not all 5G Handsets are logging in to national 5G networks. E.g. the Google Pixel is not logging into some 5G networks. This is different than 4G where all handsets – irrespective where you bought it – use the 4G networks worldwide. This will hamper growth.

Update June 2021: Since todays Google Pixel 4a 5G monthly security update, the phone connects to the 5G network. Problem solved. Good.

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